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Change Default Model Parameters and Display Options

Since this application is very computer intensive please keep the number of accesses to a minimum.

Meteorological Data Selection - Select meteorological datasets to plot
HRRRP Model (Pressure - 3 km, 0-18h, hourly over US)
HRRR Model (Sigma - 3 km, 0-18h, hourly over US)
NAM Model (12 km over US)
NAM Model (3 km over US)
GFS Model (1.0 degree, 0-240h, 3hrly, Global)
GFS Model (1.0 degree, 240-384h, 12hrly, Global)
GFS Model (0.25 degree, 0-84h, 3hrly, Global)
Fields to plot: Default Default with winds
Plot text below wind flags: None Speed only Speed and Direction
Hours to plot from beginning of dataset 0 for all data times
Output Options: Graphic and text Text only
Meteogram size (dpi): 72 84 96 120

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