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HYSPLIT for Windows - Registered Version Download

For details on the currently available version see HYSPLIT Updates.

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What is available for downloading

A Windows executable version is available as a self installing file (45 MB). The package is complete in that it contains all the documentation and test data. However, graphical interfaces such as Tcl/Tk, Ghostscript, and ImageMagick must be independently downloaded and installed prior to installing HYSPLIT. Recent versions of these auxilary programs have been tested with HYSPLIT through the GUI and are available to download from the HYSPLIT utilities page for convenience. These supplemental programs are only required for the GUI or other graphical applications. The model can also be run from the command line prompt.

The installation program will copy all required files and create program startup and desktop shortcuts. When prompted, it is suggested that the code be installed to the default installation directory such as [drive]:\hysplit4. Simple names are suggested. Names with spaces may not be properly handled by the GUI and some of the older command-line based programs. Also note that normally installing on top of an older version of HYSPLIT will proceed without any problem. However, the installation may hang if there are read-only files or if any of the programs are in-use. The easiest solution is to rename to old hysplit directory prior to the installation of the newer version.

Although a global map background file is provided, HYSPLIT can also be customized with higher resolution map background files. Note that some browsers require disabling the "Smart Download" features for these self installing files to transfer. The Readme.txt file contains a summary of what is contained within the HYSPLIT install.

Public access to HYSPLIT is limited to executable versions for Windows, Mac, and LINUX. LINUX distributions may be obtained from HYSPLIT for LINUX or from Christopher Judd at the NYS Department of Health. A LINUX source code repository is available from NOAA for non-commercial use (send an email to to request the LINUX source code after registering for HYSPLIT access) if you cannot obtain a LINUX distribution from either of the two sources mentioned. If you make modifications and/or add additional capabilities to the code, we expect the code to be shared with the HYSPLIT user community. In that respect, please email with any major changes to the code (along with documentation) and they will be added to the repository. HYSPLIT is a community development effort.

Registered PC Download HYSPLIT Registered PC Download

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Modified: February 19, 2019
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