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NOUS42 KWNO 210320 ADMNFD SENIOR DUTY METEOROLOGIST NWS ADMINISTRATIVE MESSAGE NWS NCEP CENTRAL OPERATIONS COLLEGE PARK MD 0319Z THUR FEB 21 2019 00Z NCEP PRODUCTION IS ON SCHEDULE 00Z RAOB RECAP.. 70200/OME - 10142; Ground equip problem. 76405/LAP - 10158; Flight equip problem. 76458/MZT - 10158; Flight equip problem. 76654/MZL - 10158; Flight equip problem. 76692/HYY - 10158; Flight equip problem. 78073/NAS - 10142; Ground equip problem. 72230/BMX - Purge temps and humidity 994 to 949mb..563 to 558mb..341 to 335mb..Wet bulb effect. 72208/CHS - Purge temps and humidity 1019 to 989mb..716mb..636 to 593mb..225 to 213mb..Wet bulb effect. 72518/ALY - Purge temps and humidity 784 to 729mb..577 to 576mb..208 to 193mb..Wet bulb effect. 71957/YEV - Purge hts 925mb up low then high.. 70261/FAI - Not available for the NAM or GFS Shruell/SDM/NCO/NCEP